ENG 112 – Spring 2002

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ENG 112 – 11:00 to 11:50 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Jan. 7th to April 26th, 2002
Professor: L. Lister
My Grade: A+
My take on the course:

Well, look at my grade and consider the fact that I spend much of my free time writing, and you can probably guess that I didn’t exactly hate English 112. It was certainly more difficult than English 111… whether this is by design or just because of the professors I had for each class is questionable. I had Prof. Lister for this class as well as for ENG 132 and she definitely knew what she was doing. Oddly enough, this basic Miami Plan required class was more work than 132. As far as 100-level ‘liberal arts’ courses, I would say this one is an average challenge. We went through several decent sized novels and if you didn’t keep up with the reading or know what was going on, your quiz scores would show it. Much like English 111, this is a class that is supposed to be uniform but will vary greatly depending on what professor you get. If you like English, I recommend Lister – she was challenging but understanding and really helped us keep track of what was going on in our reading.