GLG 111 – Spring 2002

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GLG 111 – 9:30 to 10:45 am Tuesday, Thursday
Jan. 7th to April 26th, 2002
Professor: J. Bertog
My Grade: A
My take on the course:

Um, yeah… have I mentioned that 97% of the time the ‘Miami Plan’ is a waste? I understand the idea, that somehow taking seemingly random classes will make my education “well-rounded.” And, as I tell my campus tour groups, being forced to take a variety of stuff can be good if you are undecided. But as a business major who has never considered anything but English or Pre-Law as alternatives, I’m not sure how applicable the 9 hours of Miami science I had to take will ever be. I took geology because the grade distribution was good, and I didn’t want another BMZ- like fiasco where I’d have to actually study and pay attention to do well. And, while it’s my own fault for taking a class that didn’t interest me, I paid for the decision with boredom (and lots of it). Prof. Bertog was fine and the tests weren’t bad but there was quite a bit of busy-work to turn in and we had to do a final group project (another Miami frustration I could rant about for hours..). Like most of the people who take GLG 111, I finished with an A and while I can’t honestly recommend this class, I can’t think of any better options. Thank the University for that.