MTH 151 – Fall 2001

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MTH 151 – 2:00 to 2:50 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
August 21 through December 12, 2001
Professor: N. Randrianantoanina
My Grade: D. Minus.
My take on the course:

You probably think I added some letters to the professor’s name to exaggerate. Nope. I have never been great at math, and I hate it passionately. I don’t know why in the world a business student would ever need calculus, but then I am not the all-knowing University administration. And, unfortunately, what they say goes – so it was MTH 151 or no business degree. I could have taken a 3-credit version of the same course (MTH 153, I think) but I signed up for the five hour class assuming it would be slower and therefore easier. I seem to have a knack for making very bad assumptions when it comes to classes.

The five hour class was not easier. At least, the section I was assigned was not easier. I should have dropped that section and gotten a different professor as soon as I realized it would take a couple weeks just to get use to professor Randrianantoanina’s accent. Also, he was one of those guys you could tell was a mathematical genius…but he buzzed through everything way too fast for me to learn. Most of the kids in the class seemed to have the same problem, but if anyone asked a question his answer was a slightly longer version of the original confusing explanation. Granted, I didn’t do the homework after a couple weeks. Have you ever tried to do homework for a class where you are lost from the start (despite getting A’s in advanced high school classes)? Have you ever tried to read a calculus book? Neither are things I would recommend. If you have to take calculus, get in the easiest section possible and pray for the best.