PHL 101H – Fall 2001

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PHL 101.H – 9:30 to 10:45 Tuesdays and Thursdays
August 21 through December 12, 2001
Professor: R. Momeyer
My Grade: B+
My take on the course:

This class might as well have been called “Atheism 101” the way Momeyer taught it. I signed up hoping it would be interesting, and I got that much at least. My faith was challenged but could have been equally challenged without the whole course seeming to revolve around the professor’s bias towards relativism. That said, there were interesting points to PHL 101 even if they turned irritating fast. We would start with a topic, struggle with it for awhile, and then be led carefully towards the conclusion that clearly, God does not exist and anyone who thinks otherwise is naive. As far as work, there were out-of-class reading assignments that were usually too long and very boring. And in tiny print. The real work came in the form of writing assignments: three big ones and eight shorter ones, all graded pretty harshly. We were given the chance to re-write one ‘big one’ when the whole class did poorly, which helped. It was also nice not having any exams, but boy were those papers tough.

Bottom line, this class turned out to be a helpful challenge but if you are looking for a good introductory philosophy class you might try finding a different course or at least a different professor. Momeyer seems pretty cool but is super biased for someone whose profession is open-mindedness.