POL 141H – Spring 2002

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POL 141H – 2:00 to 3:50 pm Tuesday, Thursday
Jan. 7th to April 26th, 2002
Professor: S. Kay
My Grade: B+
My take on the course:

I looked forward to taking POL 141. Were it not for law school taking 49 years, I would have seriously considered studying law, partly out of an interest in politics. It only took one or two meetings of the hour and fifty minute Tuesday/Thursday class to make me stop looking forward to it. POL 141 was not bad; the honors section was small, we had some interesting discussions, many of the topics were relevant to what was going on in the world at the time. But, it was in that naptime slot in the afternoon, and it lasted for so very long, and most of us were usually half asleep. The difference between three credit hours and four credit hours is a big one when that extra credit means sitting in class for almost 2 hours twice a week (rather than sitting in class for an hour and fifteen minutes).

We did not have to take any tests in Poli-sci 141 but we had to write several papers throughout the semester. The topics ranged from difficult and mildly interesting to difficult and super boring. Prof. Kay graded tough but was glad to help us improve; she was a good teacher. There was also a final paper that had to be at least 20 pages long… and meant writing in a group. One of few things more annoying than doing classwork in a group is trying to write a group paper. The nice thing about honors sections is everyone wants to do work and get an A++ (that’s right, an A double plus) so you don’t have to worry much about someone slacking. All in all, POL 141 would have been decent but for each class lasting forever. Someone really interested in politics would probably get a lot out of the class.