Ohio School District Deficit Data

Ohio School District Deficit Data

Despite union attempts to blame Governor Kasich for local budget problems, school districts throughout the state projected massive shortfalls in 2010 – before the governor was even elected.

Using the districts’ own October 2010 forecasts to the Ohio Department of Education and district population estimates from the US Census Bureau, I’ve calculated the cost per resident of 2015 deficits projected in 2010.

“We Are Ohio” is fighting to keep a broken status quo that gives government union bosses expansive power over taxpayers. Ohio voters should know what a No vote on Issue 2 could cost; without Senate Bill 5, deficits not covered by tax hikes can only be addressed with layoffs or program cuts!

Interactive County-by-County Figures (requires JavaScript)

 2015 Deficits/Citizen, from 2010 District Forecasts (PDF)