Give Occupy Wall Street This Handout

With leftists bent on making this election about the rhetoric of Occupy Wall Street, I decided to put together a fact sheet to shred Big Labor’s “solidarity” talking points. If you’re an enterprising filmmaker – or just a bored conservative with no sense of smell – this double-sided PDF is the ideal handout for a wade into your nearest Occupy camp.

After all, Occupy Wall Street is all about handouts! Print some pamphlets, grab your camera, and show the 99% you care.

Publicizing union boss pay is fun, because it’s self-evidently outrageous considering what these people do for a living. Here are some highlights from the handout:

  • William Lucy (AFSCME) took $847,810 from public employees last year
  • Gerald McEntee (AFSCME) took $555,367 from public employees last year
  • Rhonda Weingarten (AFT) took $493,859 from teachers last year
  • John Wilson (NEA) took $492,484 from teachers last year
  • Dennis Van Roekel (NEA) took $460,060 from teachers last year

The icebreakers don’t end there!

  • 446 NEA staff & officers took $100,000+ from teachers last year
  • 426 UAW staff & officers took $100,000+ from auto workers last year
  • 279 AFSCME staff & officers took $100,000+ from public employees last year

…And that’s only at the unions’ national headquarters.

Sources are cited in the PDF and linked below, with care taken to avoid Fox News and The Wall Street Journal for the sake of the ruse. If you find yourself facing an Occupier who considers all corporate media inherently right-wing, this indicates one of two things:

  1. You’re about to get some entertaining footage
  2. It’s time to back away slowly and head for home

While (1) and (2) are not mutually exclusive, it’s important to exercise caution!

One question I recommend asking your local anarcho-communist squatters: If it’s true that “police are the army of The Rich,” whose army is Occupy Wall Street?

Union pay (here’s an Excel workbook of the six-figure club) is from the U.S. Department of Labor. Income percentiles are from the left-wing Brookings Institution (view PDF), as reported last January by The New York Times.

Obama campaign contributions are from FEC records reviewed by Geithner tax-delinquency coverage is from NYT; Daschle from US News; Solis from USA Today; Killefer from ABC News. Office of the President tax delinquency stats were originally reported by WTOP FM in Washington.

Have fun… and remember to wear shoes you wouldn’t mind burning!

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Federal Waste Proves Obama Needs More Power

On Tuesday the nonpartisan Government Accountability Office (GAO) delivered a report on redundant federal programs to Congress. This is the second year GAO produced a detailed report, as required by an amendment to the January 2010 debt ceiling increase from Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK).

Duplicate programs cost taxpayers “tens of billions of dollars annually,” but the bar for efficiency was low:

Last year’s report identified 81 areas to make government more efficient. Congress and the Obama administration have implemented just four of those. There’s been some progress on 60 items, and no progress on 17.

This is better than I expected, since President Obama’s crowning achievement with Democrats controlling both houses of Congress was the sleek, sophisticated “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.” Obama’s idea of protection and affordability is shown here in a chart you may recognize:

A White House analysis claims 76% of Executive issues identified last year have been “addressed in some way,” while only 39% of recommend Congressional actions had been taken. Because it fits into the template Obama for America has been cranking out for weeks, the president will happily treat GAO’s report as mortar for the “Do-Nothing Congress” pillar of his campaign.

Barack Obama’s solution is for everyone to listen more carefully to Barack Obama and give him more power:

Two things that Congress can do right now to reduce duplication and waste are to pass the proposals in the President’s FY 2013 Budget and to pass the Reforming and Consolidating Government Act the Administration sent to the Hill earlier this year which will set up an expedited process to review government consolidation proposals.

To save yourself the agony of dissecting Obama’s FY13 budget, refer to the Obamacare chart above. Obama loves reminding us he inherited a mess: why didn’t he clean it up while he had a stranglehold in Congress?

Lest you forget Obama’s other first-year priority, review Sen. Coburn’s 2009 report on “stimulus” waste and his 2010 follow-up research on Obama’s approach to smarter, shinier federal government.

Tuesday’s GAO report itself refutes the Obama for America narrative:

And the government has at least 15 major financial literacy programs – including three new ones established by the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Can you think of a group less suited to financial literacy education than the U.S. government? In addition to the redundant programs Obama created by signing Dodd-Frank, illegally-appointed CFPB Czar Richard Cordray is making up new bureaucracy as we speak!

House Oversight Committee Chair Darrell Issa (R-CA) responded differently to the GAO report, saying, “the enemy isn’t the Democrats, the enemy isn’t the Republicans – it’s the bureaucracy.

Which is worse: a self-serving bureaucracy that’s grown far beyond the bounds of sustainability? Or a Congress that promises generalities, defers specifics to unelected bureaucrats, and refuses to accept responsibility?

Whether you’re most concerned about the big pre-Obama entitlement programs, Obama’s adventures in collectivism, or the tendency of mundane bureaucracy to go all Little Shop of Horrors, this gets to the heart of it:

“Members of Congress don’t get the headlines for fixing something,” said Tom Schatz of Citizens Against Government Waste. “They get headlines for creating something.”

Stop Promising and Start Paying would fit on a bumper sticker, but wouldn’t win a lot of votes. So here we are, with a federal government that’s created $15,400,000,000,000 in debt… and counting.

Sherrod Brown’s Bailout Bonanza

If you look at the votes Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) casts, the things he says, and the bills he sponsors, one thing is clear: Sherrod is a dyed-in-the-wool statist. For every domestic policy question, his answer is bigger central government.

Sherrod Brown, a loud advocate for socialized medicine more sweeping than Obamacare, was nonetheless the 60th vote for Obamacare. Sherrod was a Senate champion of the auto bailout that left Chrysler owned by Fiat and General Motors controlled by Washington & the UAW. He cast the deciding vote for Obama’s “stimulus” boondoggle.

Make a list of federal bailouts and entitlement expansions from the past several years, and Sherrod Brown’s name comes up constantly. Here’s Sherrod at a June 2010 pep rally for a public union bailout:

For Sherrod, falling tax revenues present a familiar math problem. Union pay and benefits should never decrease, so when tax hikes are a political non-starter it’s time for more deficit spending! Sherrod steps in with free money to balance the equation, waving research from a union-funded Progressive group.

Sherrod Brown has built a 20 year Congressional career around our difficulty visualizing large numbers. Sherrod promises $75 billion as if he were bequeathing a gift to the peasants, knowing many voters actually believe “The Rich” can cover it – after forking over their fair share to fund Obamacare, the auto industry bailout, the stimulus bill, underwater mortgages, food stamps, unemployment benefits, and so on.

In Ohio, Sherrod is a key part of the industry thriving on this lie. If we oust him this fall, Policy Matters Ohio, Progress Ohio, Innovation Ohio, and the Ohio Education Association – plus locals of AFSCME, SEIU, and assorted openly Socialist groups – lose a seasoned class warrior and a reliable vote in Congress.

On top of the Local Jobs for America Act and the other programs listed above, here are a few other entitlement increases & federal bailouts Sherrod has hawked recently:

As a rule, Sherrod Brown’s ideas would be unwise even if we could afford them. Since we can’t, Sherrod is willfully contributing to a $15 trillion deficit – which he tries to blame on national defense and the Bush tax cuts.

The above clip is from a video posted by YouTube user thumos33. Transcript follows.

Sen. Sherrod Brown: Uh, Wendy Patton will talk in a few minutes about Policy Matter Ohio’s report that shows our region is facing elimination of critical public services at a time when we simply cannot afford that. The legal — the National League of Cities said last week 7 in 10 city managers and mayors are cutting jobs and services because of a loss in property – in property tax, especially in commercial real estate. But you don’t need me to recite these statistics, you know them because you live them every day, you’re seeing people still that can’t find work when they’re trying to.


Sen. Sherrod Brown: That’s why what you need from me and from Mayor Plusquellic and from Mayor Jackson is to take action. That’s why I will introduce next week when I return to Washington The Local Jobs for America Act, would help cities and municipalities save or create jobs even as they face these awful budget crises. This legislation is aimed at putting people back to work and turning them into taxpayers rather than benefit collectors. The bill would direct [Applause from the crowd] …the bill would direct $75 billion dollars over the next 2 years, uh, to cities, towns, and counties to save municipal jobs and prevent layoffs so that, so that fire- so that our, our, our cities, our communities, our counties are protected – firefighters, emergency medical personnel, law enforcement, all the services that are essential in a civilized society to a normal, decent life.

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The USPS: Neither Snow, Nor Rain, Nor Bankruptcy?

Yesterday The Columbus Dispatch reported on a story playing out in Ohio and across the country: the U.S. Postal Service is announcing specific plans for long-overdue closures and consolidation. Incredibly, leftists in Congress continue to demagogue reform despite the fact USPS lost $3.3 billion in the last quarter alone.

Back in December the USPS agreed to delay restructuring until May, at the behest of Socialist Bernie Sanders and several Senate Democrats. The USPS has been running deficits for years and is losing roughly a billion dollars a month, but Progressives won’t acknowledge market realities or admit the postal union’s demands are insane.

Ever the spokesman for unicorn economics, “Postal Service Protection Act” co-sponsor Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has an online petition to “SAVE OUR POST OFFICES!”


Victimized by mathematics? Light the Sherrod-Signal!

Ohioans rely on post offices to do business and communicate with family – and thousands of Ohioans rely on them for jobs.

We can find a solution to our budget crisis that doesn’t involve shuttering these community institutions and handing thousands of workers a pink slip.

That’s why I’m joining Sherrod Brown’s fight to keep these post offices open!

If I’m reading Sherrod correctly, it’s evil to stop paying people who we can’t afford to pay. In what sense is this Progressive standard any different from Socialism?

To be fair, Sherrod has “a solution” to that nagging bankruptcy problem:

“Why couldn’t they serve coffee at a post office and charge a little?” he said.

Watch out, Starbucks! Americans will soon be congregating at their local post office for a cup of federal java.

To be a little fairer, the coffee caper isn’t Sherrod’s whole plan

He said Congress should free the postal service from having to pre-fund its pension obligations for 75 years. He called that a “unique” requirement that costs the mail service more than $5 billion a year.

Unfunded state pension liabilities contribute to an estimated $4 trillion in debt, and leftists blame the states for not hiking taxes to cover Big Labor’s demands. With that in mind, Sherrod Brown’s big idea is to stop requiring USPS to sock money away in advance? This is a Progressive solution through and through – we’re running out of cash, so stop saving and spend, spend, spend!

Not everyone agrees USPS could be “saved” by fudging accounting rules. Take, for instance, the Postmaster General:

He also said, “Roughly 25,000 out of our 32,000 Post Offices operate at a loss” and that thousands of post offices generate less than $20,000 in annual revenue yet cost more than $60,000 to operate, and many of these unprofitable locations are a few miles away from another post office. He bemoaned the response to even the slightest effort to close any Post Office, as well as interference in other proposals to address the USPS deficit.

Who has a better grip on USPS finances: the Postmaster General, or Sherrod Brown and Socialist Bernie Sanders? If you thought Sherrod’s line about selling coffee was stupid, try this on for size:

“The postal service has been very restricted in what its [sic] allowed to do under law. It’s not been given opportunities to generate revenue,” Senator Brown said.

The U.S. Postal Service has a government-mandated monopoly on first class mail. Either Sherrod Brown is incredibly stupid, or he thinks Ohio voters are.

Well… we did elect Sherrod Brown. So maybe he’s onto something, after all.

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Sherrod Brown Sucks at Economics

Progressive loon Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has argued time and again that unemployment benefits are a great way to create jobs. As Big Government readers know, Pelosi isn’t the only congressional Democrat to build a career coaxing the masses into Washington’s crushing embrace.

Where there’s a Progressive economic fallacy, Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is never far away. Sherrod seems to think the U.S. economy performs best with bureaucrats working all the levers. This is his 20th year in Congress, so maybe we should forgive his ignorance of how a free market works!

During the 2010 debate over extending the Bush tax cuts, Sherrod made one of his frequent MSNBC appearances to share his rendition of the broken window fallacy:

As an Ohioan, Chris Matthews fawning “you’re the best there is on this argument” is not what I hope for from my senator.

I am impressed, though, with the way Sherrod Brown knows what every wealthy American is going to buy! I wonder how long he had to look into his crystal ball to be absolutely sure extending unemployment benefits is better for the economy than letting citizens keep and invest our own money.

The Right Scoop has footage of Sherrod making a more detailed (but equally laughable) case on the Senate floor around the same time as this Hardball spot.

Like Pelosi, Sherrod also argued for the “stimulus” effects of unemployment benefits in the summer of 2010:

Many have lost their job and, as a result, they lost their health insurance.  After that, they lose their home or apartment because they can’t afford the mortgage or rent. Passing an extension of unemployment insurance isn’t just the right thing to do – it will also help stimulate the economy and serve as a critical part of a jobs agenda that puts the middle class first.

Emphasis mine. Sherrod’s solutions for the crises in health care, housing, and unemployment are one and the same – government redistribution, paid for by “The Rich” with a wave of the hand.

Self-righteous demands for shortsighted spending are exactly what we should expect from a Progressive who can’t even manage his own property taxes. The silver lining: Sherrod Brown is up for reelection in November, and Ohio is not California.

Transcript from the Hardball clip follows.

Sherrod Brown: These tax cuts for the rich that Bush did twice, Chris, in ‘01 and ‘03 as you know, resulted in very little economic growth. We saw only 1 million jobs created in the Bush years, 22 million created in the Clinton years, when we reached a balanced budget with a fairer tax system, and there is no, there’s no real history illustrating that these tax cuts for the rich result in jobs. It’s extending unemployment benefits that creates economic activity that creates jobs – not giving a millionaire an extra 10 or 20 or $30,000 in tax cuts that they likely won’t spend because they’re already buying what they’re gonna buy anyway.

Chris Matthews: You’re the best there is on this argument. Sorry, I’ve gotta ask you one last question…

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Sherrod Brown is a Serial Tax Delinquent

News broke Wednesday that Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) was delinquent on his property taxes due September 2011 until last week. Sherrod, who angrily demands bigger central government and higher taxes from “The Rich,” paid the nearly $900 in taxes, penalties, and interest due for his $222,000 D.C. condo only after being questioned by a reporter.

Sherrod Brown, Tax Delinquent

Pathetic as Sherrod’s story was early in the day, things got worse for America’s most Progressive senator in the afternoon. His conference call to defuse the situation must have been one of the week’s most hilariously uncomfortable:

“I was late,” he said on a conference call with reporters when asked about the recent delinquency. “I misplaced the bill and I paid it as soon as I found out. I paid a penalty for being late, and it won’t happen again.”

Senator Brown lost a tax statement and forgot to pay until a reporter came calling months later, but there’s no cause for alarm! He paid the penalty for his delinquency, and it won’t happen again.

When a reporter noted that it also happened five and six years ago, Brown said, “I misplaced it then. This is a small apartment. I’m not in D.C. nearly every week, I’m here when the Senate’s in session, I’m here three or four nights a week. I paid the penalty. And in no way, obviously, was I avoiding taxes.”

Because “the dog ate it” worked so well the first time around, Sherrod tries the same excuse for three consecutive property tax bills in 2006 and 2007. With no reporters reminding him, Sherrod actually fell so far behind on property taxes his condo was listed for public auction! Odd that a U.S. Senator would forget the existence of taxes for months on end, springing into action only when his property is on the line.

I love Sherrod’s volley of additional excuses. It’s a small apartment! He’s there less than 57% of the time! He’s been serially delinquent with payments, but was in no way avoiding taxes by not paying taxes! Obviously.

Since his election to the Senate, Sherrod has paid over $850 in penalties and interest for his failure to submit D.C. property taxes on time. That’s peanuts for a millionaire who promises trillions to interest groups and insists soaking the rich & slashing the military will pay for it.

Remember, Sherrod is a Progressive who thinks a republic of 300 million can – and should – be ruled by a few thousand bureaucrats in Washington. He’s unable to keep track of his mail and pay his taxes on time twice a year, but that doesn’t stop Sherrod from making big plans with your money!

Demanding bigger government while failing at his most basic civic duty: one more way Sherrod Brown resembles President Obama’s worst cabinet appointees and staff.

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Obama’s Ohio Attack Dogs

I’m relieved Obama for America is pushing every class warfare chip to the middle of the table. If Americans get a better look at Progressivism’s ugly mug and still vote Democrat in November, the country deserves to go bankrupt!

To simplify mockery of their candidate for those of us with apolitical day jobs, Obama for America has assembled “Truth Teams” – Attack Watch in more sheepish clothing – in a handful of swing states. At the Ohio Truth Team announcement, it was suggested that crashing GOP events may be on the Obama cheerleaders’ agenda.

It's ruff defending a failed Progressive!

It's ruff defending a failed president!

Leveraging deranged protestors for the Progressive brand of populism is nothing new for Ohio Democrats, so The Columbus Dispatch tried to confirm the insinuation:

“We’ll do it in an appropriate, mindful way, recognizing the importance of the conversation,” said Ohio Democratic chairman Chris Redfern, also a truth team member. “The truth team, we envision, will be more of a rapid response, taking a message directly at locations where those individuals who align with super PACs or organizations in support” of GOP presidential hopefuls are present.

Emphasis mine. Given his history, Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern is a hilarious addition to an Obama group allegedly aiming for mature conversations. In the waning days of the 2010 campaign:

[…] the camera was rolling as Redfern leveled the expletive at critics in the Tea Party, who, in his words, believe health care is a privilege, not a right.

“If your kids are going to graduate from college, now he or she gets health care, your heath care, while he or she looks for a new job,” Redfern said. “It’s in the very base terms we win these arguments. Every time one of these (expletive deleted) says, excuse my language…”

The deleted expletive rhymed with “truckers,” and unless you count his perfunctory “excuse my language” as he remembered a news crew was in the union hall Chris Redfern never apologized. Instead, the Ohio Democratic Party used his rage-filled outburst as a fundraising opportunity:

In the e-mail, Redfern then asks for a $10 donation to his “swear jar” to “help the Ohio Democratic Party and its candidates get our message out and stick it to our opponents.”

He wrote, “I have been amazed by the outpouring of support the Ohio Democratic Party has received after I spoke out forcefully and unapologetically on behalf of working families.”

What a mindful, appropriate brush for Chris Redfern to paint his political opponents with! Now that the Super Obama Truth Squad has recruited the hateful creep who called the enemies of Obama’s totalitarian health insurance plan F-ers at a 2010 union event, they’re armed to the teeth with truth!

Tell us, Ohio Obama Truth Ninjas: How many of the 2.2 million Ohioans who voted to block Obamacare’s key mandate last November are F-ers? If it’s true that Ohio voters who oppose your preferred statist policies are F-ers, what is it we’re guilty of effing?

For more from Ohio, follow Jason on Twitter: @jasonahart. Apologies to Cheddar the Bulldog, whose owner submitted an un-doctored version of the above photo to Wikimedia Commons with a public domain license.

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Ohio Dem Gives Occupiers Tickets to Disrupt Kasich Speech

For Ohio Governor John Kasich, Tuesday’s annual State of the State address offered an important venue to talk up his administration’s achievements and goals. Kasich gave this year’s speech at Wells Academy, a school in Steubenville, instead of the traditional Statehouse venue.

The Ohio Democratic Party is led by Chris “Tea Party F***ers” Redfern, best known for a profane 2010 outburst against Obamacare opponents. Based on their behavior in Steubenville, even November’s Big Labor victory against fiscal reality hasn’t improved the attitudes of Ohio leftists!

State Rep. Bob Hagan (D – Youngstown), a Progressive kook’s Progressive kook, bused in 35 protestors for the event. Worse, Hagan handed out several tickets for Kasich’s speech to Occupy protestors ranting outside.

Rep. Bob Hagan (second from left) and Rep. Dennis Murray (second from right) are thanked by Occupy protestors for Hagan's tickets to the State of the State address.

Rep. Bob Hagan (second from left) and Rep. Dennis Murray (second from right) are thanked by Occupy protestors for Hagan's tickets to the State of the State address.

Why would Hagan give tickets for a taxpayer-funded speech to obnoxious Occupy protestors? From The Columbus Dispatch‘s live coverage of the speech, shuffled into chronological order:

2:36 […] Cat calls and chants have started from the balcony from protestors.

2:38 […] People have been removed from the auditorium, but more calls coming from the balcony. […]

2:39 One particularly loud woman has just been led out…”John Kasich is selling out Ohio!” she yelled as she was led out the back. Now a male voice can be heard.

2:40 […] Meanwhile, man is led out of the room. Things seem to have quieted down now.

Rep. Hagan, too pathetic to face the derision that comes with disrupting a state event, sent in Occupy protestors to attack Governor Kasich. Wonder if he’s any relation to the “Hagan” who rallied protestors before Kasich’s speech?

“Governor Kasich has crossed the line many times,” Hagan said to the crowd.

Yep. Same guy. No matter how low the Ohio Republican Party sinks, there will always be Ohio Democrats like Bob Hagan waiting to out-sink them!

The Dispatch has video of an anti-fracking protestor screeching, “We can capture the air! We can capture the sun!” after being escorted out of the event (watch for the obligatory Occupy mic-check). The same protestor is shown exiting a bus – Hagan’s? – in an earlier Dispatch video which features perpetual union shill Bruce Bostick. Funny thing about Bruce Bostick: he’s a Communist.

When Big Labor, environmental activists, Democrats, and Communists are all equally enraged by your governor, it’s likely your state is on the right track!

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Planned Parenthood’s Pal Sherrod Brown

Last April, Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) took a few minutes from his schedule to talk to a Planned Parenthood group from Cleveland about Ohio Republicans “going after women, and reproductive rights.” Sherrod went to great lengths to make abortion sound like a reason America needs bigger government.

For pro-life Ohioans like myself, the “Heartbeat Bill” to ban abortions after a baby’s heartbeat can be heard sounds like a great idea. According to pro-choice Ohioans, it’s terrible. Surely a U.S. senator with a diploma from Yale and two master’s degrees can dissect the legislation on its merits and explain why abortion on demand is a vital “reproductive right” …right?

Sherrod Brown being Sherrod Brown, what we get instead is a jumbled diatribe making frequent nods to Big Labor. He treats any conflict with his cartoonish Progressive mindset as an example of conservatives “going after” the rights of men, women, and children (wait, scratch that last one) everywhere.

Small wonder Sherrod considers abortion limits, voter ID, union reform, and civil rights “all the same.” Sherrod is a radical without a cause, so whatever he opposes is twisted to fit a tired class warfare narrative. Sherrod Brown should instead be hunting down whoever stole his sense of irony: cheering government-improved life expectancy in a pep talk to Planned Parenthood?

To the abortion lobby, Sherrod Brown is more than talk. A few things Sherrod has consistently voted against:

  • Banning partial-birth abortion
  • Making it a crime to harm an unborn child while committing another crime
  • Requiring parental notification to transport a minor across state lines for an abortion
  • The Mexico City policy, which stopped tax dollars from funding foreign abortion providers

Things Sherrod has consistently voted for:

  • Taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood
  • Taxpayer funding of abortions in military hospitals
  • Taxpayer funding of abortions in federal prisons
  • Taxpayer funding of international “family planning” services

Name one of Planned Parenthood’s fringe positions, and chances are Sherrod Brown has voted to make you pay for it!

Full source video is available from YouTube user choweysstillme. Transcript follows of the two clips featured above.

Cut 1 – Sherrod Brown: You know, you see what’s happening in Columbus, they’re trying to take away bargaining rights. [Audience members: Yes. BOOO!] And they’re going after women, and reproductive rights. They’re going after voting rights now, they’re trying, Ohio, if the Senate passes what the House passed, it’ll be the most restrictive voter laws in the country. [Audience: BOOO!] That’s going backwards, not going forward, so your, your voices really matter on choice, on women’s rights, on worker rights, on, on voting rights, on human rights, on civil rights, it’s all the same.

Cut 2 – Sherrod Brown: And, over the last 100 years, look what we’ve done in this country, um, in terms of, of, of civil rights and women’s rights and Social Security and Medicare, and, and minimum wage, and workers’ compensation, and prohibition of child labor, and clean air, and safe drinking water, and auto safety – seat belts, air bags. All these things have made, they’ve made, they’ve given people the ability to live 30 years longer. Back 100 years ago the average American, when you were born in this country you lived to be about 45 on the average. Today people live 30 years longer than that, and it’s because of government doing the right thing when you push government to do the right thing.

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Senators Forcing You to Fund Planned Parenthood

Based on the fact that you’re reading this online, I assume you’ve seen the online outcry over Komen for the Cure cutting off grants to Planned Parenthood. In the words of CBS News:

Many suspect the cutoff is linked to the abortion debate. Komen has been under fire by anti-abortion activists, after its connection to the pro-choice organization was publicized.

I’ve ruined the trademark CBS subtlety by marking in bold the network’s refusal to frame the debate as “pro-life” vs. “pro-choice,” or “pro-abortion” vs. “anti-abortion.” Pro-lifers should be glad the reporter didn’t label Live Action and its allies “anti-choice,” I guess!

Unyielding sympathy for Planned Parenthood isn’t limited to fossilized media outlets and your NPR-loving Facebook friends. Many of the senators and representatives up for reelection this fall support abortion so strongly, they’ve voted repeatedly to make you pay for it.

The following Senate incumbents’ races are rated Toss Up or Lean D by The Cook Political Report.

Vulnerable Planned Parenthood Enablers - U.S. Senate

All five of these incumbent Democrat senators are rated 100% by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Among the extreme pro-abortion votes earning Bill Nelson (FL), Claire McCaskill (MO), Sherrod Brown (OH), Debbie Stabenow (MI), and Jon Tester (MT) their perfect Planned Parenthood scores:

  • All five voted against SCHIP language which, in Planned Parenthood’s words, “unnecessarily personified the fetus.” March 14, 2008, Allard Amendment to S. Con. Res. 70, Roll Call vote 81
  • All five voted against reinstating the Mexico City policy, which – until President Obama abolished it by executive order – prohibited federal funding of foreign abortion providers. January 28, 2009, Martinez Amendment to H.R. 2; Roll Call vote 19
  • All five voted against preventing Obamacare from subsidizing abortion coverage. December 8, 2009, Nelson-Hatch Amendment to H.R. 3590, Roll Call vote 369
  • All five voted against ending federal funding of Planned Parenthood. April 14th, 2011, H. Con. Res. 36, Roll Call vote 60

With Obamacare looming larger every day, conservative voters must remember what Planned Parenthood is all about – and recognize how far outside the mainstream the group’s enablers are. Susan G. Komen for the Cure is right to stop funneling donations to the nation’s top abortion provider, and it’s past time for Congress to do the same with taxpayer funds.

If you live in Montana, Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, or Florida, help make your incumbent Democrat senator’s pro-abortion record known by all!