Sen. Sherrod Brown’s Record, circa 2012

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown is a “populist,” if you believe the Associated Press. Believe your eyes, and the truth is Sherrod Brown is a socialist in all but name. Sherrod uses the word “privatize” as an expletive; he believes every aspect of our lives should be dictated by Washington bureaucrats, and he consistently votes with avowed Socialist Bernie Sanders.

Here’s an overview of how Sherrod voted on issues tracked by the American Conservative Union from 1993-2010, back when the ACU was known for something other than hosting a yearly conference and elevating Donald Trump:

  • 1993: Sherrod voted for the Brady Bill, D.C. statehood, missile defense cuts, preventing employers from replacing strikers, and Clinton’s “Emergency Stimulus” spending and tax hike package. He opposed school choice funding and missed a debt ceiling vote. ACU Rating: 9.00
  • 1994: Sherrod voted for the assault weapons ban, a $30 billion Omnibus Crime Bill jammed with pork, and a motion to kill the House Post Office ethics investigationACU Rating: 14.00
  • 1995: Sherrod voted for “family planning” funding ultimately given to Planned Parenthood, and for enforcement of vast EPA and FDA regulations. He voted against the partial-birth abortion ban, welfare reform, tax & domestic spending cuts, and the “Mexico City Policy” restricting U.S. dollars spent on abortion in foreign countries. ACU Rating: 32.00
  • 1996: Sherrod voted to increase the minimum wage and in favor of killing school choice vouchers. He voted against the GOP budget, welfare reform, repealing the assault weapons ban, overriding Clinton’s partial-birth abortion ban veto, and making English the official language of the U.S. government. ACU Rating: 0.00
  • 1997: Sherrod voted for national education testing and B-2 bomber budget cuts. He voted against the Hyde Amendment, tax & domestic spending cuts, school choice, and converting federal housing programs into block grants. ACU Rating: 12.00
  • 1998: Sherrod again supported national education testing, and voted to allow a minor to be transported across state lines by a non-parent for an abortion. He voted against tax cuts, the partial-birth abortion ban, D.C. school vouchers, opening impeachment hearings, and ending racial preferences. ACU Rating: 4.00
  • 1999: Sherrod voted against impeachment proceedings, a broad tax cut package, medical savings accounts, and education block grants. He voted to delay missile defense implementation, and to continue funding the United Nations without demanding UN reforms.  ACU Rating: 0
  • 2000: Sherrod voted against banning partial-birth abortion, eliminating the death tax, and cutting taxes to alleviate the marriage penalty. He voted to lift the embargo on Cuba, increase the federal minimum wage, and impose the federal minimum wage on the states. ACU Rating: 4
  • 2001Sherrod voted against making it a crime to kill an unborn child while committing another crime. He voted against school vouchers. He voted to allow taxpayer funding for abortions in federal prisons, lift the embargo on Cuba, tighten SUV mileage standards, and maintain the ANWR oil-drilling ban. ACU Rating: 4
  • 2002: Sherrod voted against extending welfare reform, eliminating the death tax, banning partial-birth abortion, capping medical malpractice suits, and a broad 1% domestic spending cut. He voted to limit free speech in the months preceding an election, and to allow Homeland Security employees to unionize. ACU Rating: 4
  • 2003: Sherrod voted against a partial-birth abortion ban, medical malpractice reform, class action lawsuit reform, death tax repeal, and DC school choice vouchers. He voted to fund abortions at military hospitals, keep ANWR closed from drilling, allow human cloning, and allow negligence suits against gun manufacturers when a gun is used to commit a crime. ACU Rating: 16
  • 2004: Sherrod again voted against making it a criminal offense to kill an unborn child while committing another crime. He voted against medical malpractice reform, allowing small businesses to buy health insurance as a group, drilling in ANWR, and a 1% cut in non-defense discretionary spending. He voted to fund abortion at military hospitals, block “bunker-buster” development, and cut military spending in favor of green energy programs. ACU Rating: 4
  • 2005: Sherrod voted to block oil drilling in ANWR, hike fuel efficiency standards, and spend taxpayer funds on embryonic stem cell research. He voted against bankruptcy law reform, Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac reform, tying UN funding to UN reforms, and requiring parental notification to transport a minor across state lines for an abortion.  ACU Rating: 4
  • 2006: Sherrod voted to impose Net Neutrality. He voted against a capital gains tax cut, a death tax cut, and ending the offshore oil & gas drilling moratorium.  ACU Rating :25
  • 2007: Sherrod voted to ban incandescent light bulbs, expand SCHIP, and spend tax dollars on embryonic stem cell research. He voted against death tax repeal, Alternative Minimum Tax repeal, extension of the Bush tax cuts, and improved earmark disclosure.  ACU Rating: 0
  • 2008: Sherrod voted for more risky Fannie & Freddie lending, two separate $4 billion Fannie & Freddie bailouts, the auto industry bailout, TARP, and a tax hike on energy companies. He voted against missile defense, an earmark moratorium, and a discretionary spending cap.  ACU Rating: 8
  • 2009: Sherrod voted for Obama’s “stimulus,” Cash for Clunkers, Obamacare, and Eric Holder’s confirmation as Attorney General. He voted against medical malpractice reform, D.C. school choice, and de-funding ACORN.  ACU Rating: 0
  • 2010: Sherrod voted for New START, the DREAM Act, and Craig Becker’s appointment to the NLRB. He voted against an earmark moratorium, D.C. school choice, death tax repeal, and a fence on the southern border.  ACU Rating: 0

Sherrod Brown is wrong for Ohio – and not merely because of his support for Barack Obama’s failed “stimulus” bill, EPA war on coal, and government takeover of health care. On the few occasions when Sherrod disagreed with President Obama’s job-killing, budget-busting policies, he did so because he wanted Obama to go further left.

Case in point: Obamacare. Sherrod Brown was the deciding vote for Obamacare, but only after he spent months working to make the bill even worse:

More details at Breitbart.

Here’s a highlight reel of Sherrod Brown’s support for Obama’s failed economic policies:

More details at Breitbart.

Sherrod Brown is not just a shill for Big Labor; Sherrod Brown is the shill for Big Labor. According to Sherrod, union bosses deserve our thanks for everything good about America:

When Ohio’s state legislature tried to limit the power of public unions, Sherrod Brown was a whirlwind of idiotic union boss rhetoric. In a speech on the Senate floor, Sherrod claimed that governors trying to reform government union law were un-Christian:

In fact, Sherrod argued, limiting public union bosses’ power is the sort of thing Hitler and Stalin would do:

Sherrod Brown’s standard solution for economic woes is to have the federal government shovel out more taxpayer money, and Big Labor is Sherrod’s favorite bailout recipient:

What’s another great way to “create jobs,” according to Sherrod Brown? Pay more people not to work:

We’ve discussed Sherrod Brown’s support for socialized medicine, but why is the issue so dear to him? Because Sherrod wants to honor the memory of Ted “Negligent Homicide” Kennedy:

By now you may be asking: why would anyone other than Socialists and union bosses vote for Sherrod Brown? Because Sherrod is a master at promising entitlements taxpayers can’t afford:

Sherrod Brown wants you to know that conservatives are trying to take away all the free stuff Sherrod wants to give you:

Birds of a collectivist feather flock together, so you can bet Sherrod Brown loved the Occupy Wall Street movement:

On energy policy, Sherrod Brown has lamented that America needs more central planning – like Communist China:

Although Sherrod Brown wants a few thousand Washington bureaucrats to plan every detail of more than 300,000,000 Americans’ lives, Sherrod’s had some issues paying his own property taxes.

But don’t worry! Sherrod Brown is endorsed by Planned Parenthood, with a 100% score from the abortion mill.

So he’s got that going for him.