In-Kind Support for Bob Etheridge

Have you watched the video of Congressman Bob Etheridge (D-NC) calmly and patiently responding to a question from a presumed conservative activist? [youtube v60oNUoHBYM] In response to an ambush question on a Washington sidewalk, an elected representative of the United States slaps the camera out of a citizen’s hand, grabs his wrist and holds it… Continue reading In-Kind Support for Bob Etheridge

Your Tax Dollars at Waste

Back in April, I submitted a public records request to the Franklin County Auditor and looked at recent raises given to County administrators. Most of what I saw was only remarkable in that it revealed bureaucratic restraint during a recession. But, as a past employee of the Clerk of Courts, I was disappointed to find… Continue reading Your Tax Dollars at Waste

Numbers for Tax Freedom Day

Friday, April 9th is Tax Freedom Day, when the average American has earned enough to pay Uncle Sam and Uncle Sam’s various relatives what they demand. Ohio is somehow a day ahead of the average, so in honor of the big day tomorrow I thought I’d dig through some salary info for public administrators here… Continue reading Numbers for Tax Freedom Day

In case you forgot…

The past two election cycles, we’ve put some heavy-duty hippies in Ohio congressional seats. Senator Brown and Representative Kilroy wanted to remind us of that, so they gave a fun Obamacare pep rally to a union group on Thursday. I personally find myself taking the lazy, jaded, “I prefer conservatives, but a politician’s a politician”… Continue reading In case you forgot…