American Virtue is cancelled

Building a political network around imitators of Holocaust-denying white supremacist Nick Fuentes has its challenges. Ask the Bull Moose Project, a Generation Z populist nonprofit which has shuttered its “American Virtue” subsidiary hardly a year after launch. As you read this, remember that The Heritage Foundation and Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI) partner “American Moment” cosponsored… Continue reading American Virtue is cancelled

Potemkin Populism

Populists said the 2022 midterms would prove they were the future of the conservative movement. Rebuffed by voters, politicos who pinned their careers on grandiose, grievance-driven central planning are left manning storefronts in a populist Potemkin village. Praising nationalist populist candidates Blake Masters, J.D. Vance, Joe Kent, and Anthony Sabatini, Claremont Institute Vice President of… Continue reading Potemkin Populism

J.D. Vance’s Imitation Campaign

Donald Trump’s last-minute endorsement of J.D. Vance in Ohio’s Republican Senate primary was a big win for the social science experiment Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel is conducting in our state. Thiel, a founder of PayPal and federal Big Data contractor Palantir, donated an unprecedented $10,000,000 to a super PAC for Vance last spring. After… Continue reading J.D. Vance’s Imitation Campaign

Everyone Expects the New Right Inquisition

Consumed with jealousy over the Left’s use of big government to punish political opponents, the authoritarian New Right is trying to tighten its grip on the GOP. Libertarians will be first to go in the New Right Inquisition. Responding on Tuesday to a New York Times Magazine story about American populist-nationalist enthusiasm for Viktor Orban,… Continue reading Everyone Expects the New Right Inquisition

A vote for John Kasich is a vote for Obamacare. Here’s why.

Cross-posted from Independent Journal Review. Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential campaign is blowing up, in a good way. Soon, it’ll blow up in a not-so-good way. Kasich’s record of promoting Obamacare is a time bomb likely to go off long before the first 2016 ballots are cast — even in New Hampshire, where Kasich’s poll numbers have risen… Continue reading A vote for John Kasich is a vote for Obamacare. Here’s why.

“We Are Ohio” Now 100% Union-Funded

Cross-posted from the archived Media Trackers Ohio site. Every contribution this year to union front We Are Ohio’s political action committee (PAC) has come from a labor union, the group’s July semiannual campaign finance report reveals. At this time last year, We Are Ohio had reported annual donations of $49,297 from AFL-CIO’s Washington, DC headquarters and $55… Continue reading “We Are Ohio” Now 100% Union-Funded