Chart: We Are Ohio Funding

Here’s an alternate take on the We Are Ohio funding I highlighted back in August [Update, 10-20-2011 – I missed a number of lines when sifting through data for the previous version, including half a million dollars from SEIU in D.C.! Corrected chart follows.]:

Remember We Are Ohio’s sales pitch – bipartisan, defending the working class, SolidarityTM? Demonstrably false: We Are Ohio is a union front funded predominantly by D.C. unions. That record-breaking petition drive? Purchased at a cost of more than $800,000.

The closer you look, the uglier this picture gets… even if you believe, as government union bosses do, that our taxes should be increased:

In the interest of fairness, ask employees of We Are Ohio’s biggest in-state donor! Better still, take the word of Ohio union bosses themselves:

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